Friday, April 25, 2008

STILL HOT: A peek inside the book

One day you log onto the computer and notice that your husband has a secret screen name: HotRod287. Next thing you know, black turtlenecks and a leather bomber jacket are his hip new signature look. And those long blonde hairs in his sports car? Sorry sweetie, but they're not from your golden retriever. Because they have dark roots -- under your magnifying glass.

STILL HOT is a completely hilarious and saucy survival guide that takes you from the first inkling that your marriage is toast to regaining your long-forgotten inner peace, and all the bizarre tragicomedy that comes in between.

Throughout, you'll get practical tips, like:

  • how to trash those photos of your ex (Send his new babe all the shots that show more hair in his ears than on his head.)
  • what to do if your bedroom seems vacant without him (Buy a giant fern.)
  • creative ways to meet new men (Get a job in a urologist's office.)
  • invaluable first-date DON'Ts (Never call your divorce lawyer from the table.)
Through checklists, quizzes, and punchy vignettes, you'll recognize yourself on every page--playing Internet Solitaire on Saturday night, memorizing the generic name for Valium (diazepam), and praying that the babe's implants will rupture. In a public place. STILL HOT will get you up, get you over, and get you on with your life, laughing through it all.

STILL HOT is available on amazon and at your local bookstore.

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