Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dating: Reciprocating on the Cheap

Dating can get expensive. Whether your arrangement is that your guy pays and every now and then it’s your turn to treat, or whether you split each and every bill, it can all add up.
Here are some ideas for when it’s your turn to pay from our cost-conscious girlfriends out there in the dating world:

• Find out when there is a free wine tasting event at your local wine shop
• Invite him over for a Netflix movie and popcorn
• Ask him to dress up for an elegant dinner at your home (see our $10 ideas) and then go downtown to walk off dinner. Stroll into an ultra fancy restaurant for drinks and split a dessert.
• Check out the free concerts at the local music college
• Ride to the beach and go on a seashell hunt (okay, so we have some hokey friends…)
• Buy a selection of toppings and invite him over to make a pizza together. Follow that up by starting a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
• Go apple picking and later bake a pie together. Ditto for berries or peaches.
• Schedule a Saturday afternoon of art gallery hopping followed by lattés
• Check the public lecture series at any local colleges
• Volunteer at a soup kitchen together
• Get tickets to a local high school basketball or hockey game
• Go to a driving range and hit a bucket of golf balls
• If you both own bikes, go cycling, and take it leisurely—respect each other’s endurance levels.
• Go for a hike on a nature trail. You bring the sandwiches.

Save these last three for when you’ve been dating him a good long time:

• Sign up for salsa lessons for two
• Buy a selection of scented massage oils and invite him over to choose his favorite
• Give him a manicure , or a shave

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Testing said...

Hey Ladies...

Here are some ideas from the "$30 date night website" that I think rocks...

Outdoor cinema:
Always goes down well in the summer. Or a private screening on a laptop in a secluded park, or on the beach – don’t forget a blanket with champagne and nibbles.

Row boat on the river:
Perfect for first date impressions. It’s something different that makes people stand out of the crowd.

Strip sports:
I love this one!!! It’s not for everyone.... if you're comfortable in your skin, then get to it! Barrack for opposite teams, each time your team wins your partner / date takes an item of clothing off. Make sure you work it out so someone is naked by the end of the match. If you haven’t done it before then it’s time you lived a little (if you don’t want to see your date naked, or be naked in front of them, well... hmmm, maybe you should reconsider them as being the appropriate person for you.) May not work on a first date, but you never know – there are some fun & cheeky people out there.

Denis @