Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Au Pairs and Baggage Claims

Sue: And let's not forget the anecdote in our book about our friend who walked in on her husband canoodling with the Czech nanny. Which leads to the second moral of the story: The gorgeous au pair doesn't have to be Scandinavian. She could come from Eastern Europe.

Moving on to another topic, I had a recent date with a guy who railed incessantly about how all the women he's met since his divorce had baggage. He insisted that he had none, and asked me if I had any. I replied that I'm the sum total of my experiences, which left him perplexed and speechless, because he thinks and talks only in cliches.

On our third and final date, he who claimed to be free and clear proceeded to re-enact the demise of his marriage, reciting every nasty comment that passed between him and his ex-wife with all the anger he could muster.

Btw, here's how he talks:
"Maybe I was too busy with my job to pay attention to her. Guilty as charged."
"I told her that she could walk out, or she could join me in that tunnel with the green light at the end. If she doesn't want to enter the tunnel, I'm moving on with my life. Because the sun will come up tomorrow."

He actually gets his philosophy of life from "Annie."

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