Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's sex appeal

I agree with some of those viewpoints, but not all.

Obama is ...

1. Cute? Check.
2. Devoted to wife and kids? Check.
3. Empathetic mediator? Check.

And I would add the following assets:

4. Megawatt smile
5. Amazing intellect
6. Great sense of humor

But I dispute that:

"He's like a woman." I think part of his appeal, subconscious perhaps for women, is that underneath that charm and grace is the ultimate alpha male. Let's not forget that with no family connections and at an extraordinarily young age, Obama KICKED ASS, running a juggernaut campaign, trouncing the competition with his unflappable, steely resolve, and making history by becoming the first back president. That takes enormous will and ambition. Obama is undaunted, a truly tough dude.

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