Monday, September 1, 2008

Scum Bag Scofflaw Dad

Sue, I’d like you to vote after reading this blog entry. Does this guy get the A Hole of the week, the month or the year award?
Madame X’s bf, Mitchell, has one child, a college-age daughter. Though a certified financial planner by trade, he supposedly has no money, having somehow conveniently reduced his client roster from over 120 to 3, just in time for his divorce. Of course, he can’t be expected to pay any alimony or child support with this successful implementation of RAIDS (Recently Acquired Income Deficiency Syndrome). He drives around in a 2008 Lexus SUV. X drives a top of the line Mercedes and each of her kids has a new BMW, purchased for them by her most recent former husband-- who is coincidentally not their father. Mitchell’s soon-to-be-ex drives a Honda. And Mitchell’s only daughter was, until yesterday, driving a rusted-out 1989 jeep with no airbags. When his ex said she didn’t think the jeep was safe, Mitchell’s attorney accused her of trying to dupe poor Mitchell into paying for an unnecessary new vehicle for the daughter.
Well, the daughter packed up her jeep with all of her belongings for college, kissed her mom goodbye and made her way to Mitchell’s apartment as it was his turn to drive with her to school. Halfway there, the jeep began to emit heavy smoke and burst into flames. Luckily she wasn’t in a middle lane on some highway. She immediately pulled over and evacuated. Realizing that everything she needed for her life was in that car, she started to re-enter the jeep to at least salvage her purse,which contained her entire summer's earnings from the two jobs she held down. Bystanders began screaming at her to back off. She did, and the car momentarily exploded. She lost everything. She called Mitchell.He picked her up and brought her back to his apartment. He left her there alone in hysterics with singed eyebrows and a soot-stained face while he returned to X’s house to continue partying there with X and Mitchell’s sister, brother in law and nephew.
Being such a a stand up kind of guy, Mitchell drove his daughter to school the next day, sprang for a new ipod,one pair of jeans, flip flops and a couple of t shirts. He told her that her mother should“fill in” with the rest.
So never mind our thinking X should rot in hell, what’s the verdict on this scum bag?

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