Sunday, August 31, 2008

I have thongs in every color of the rainbow, and they lie unworn in the back of my lingerie drawer. When I first got separated, my daughter ordered an assortment for me in hopes that they'd cheer me up and help me feel good about myself. Which they did. But no matter how often I wore them, I never got used to that skimpy, half-inch strip of nylon between me and my jeans. Call me old-fashioned, but I am infinitely more comfortable in a pair of 100 percent cotton Petite Bateau bikini panties, and I think they're sexy too. The other problem with thongs is that unless my stomach is totally flat -- a rare occurrence -- I don't think they're flattering on me. They seem to emphasize the bulge. But your blog serves as a reminder to trot them out every now and then for the guy I'm dating.

Re the Brazilian wax, my dermatologist commented that pubic hair is now the most common form of laser hair removal in her practice, and to my knowledge, that's even more painful than waxing.

Please share your bf's opinion on shaved vs natural pubic hair, and on thongs vs bikini's.


Anonymous said...

my boyfriend likes me to shave but not all of it. he just likes neatness. i dyed it once and he definately loved that ( I used the blonde one and he thought it was sexy that I was blonde everywhere ;)

Sue and Linda said...

My boyfriend decided that he is indifferent as to whether it's shaved or not, so since it's rather itchy when shaved, and requires all that maintenance, I let it grow in, but keep things trimmed. I saw those Betty products for pubic hair: they even have fuschia and neon green dyes, or little tatoo shapes so you can dye a heart or other object onto your pubic hair!