Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Brazilian for me, thank you

X should at least donate her brain to science; it would be fascinating to find out what makes that monster tick.

I have to digress. I've been seeing a lovely guy, and my sister suggested it was high time I shave my pubic hair. She insisted that it's much sexier and that "no man wants a face-full of pubic hair." Though nervous about using a blade "down there," I bought a sharp new razor and fancy shaving cream and complied with her instructions. Presto -- I was hairless -- and the guy didn't even notice! This might be because he has a full beard and mustache so he doesn't feel the difference. (Plus he removes his glasses so vision is impaired.) In any event, I asked him and he admitted that my new haircut hadn't so much as registered, no less impressed.

I've since discovered that between shaves, the area itches terribly when I take walks, which means this new grooming practice is ruining a favorite, daily, hour-long activity. I tried talcum powder to prevent the itching, then read that doing so leads to ovarian cancer (true). Given that there's no gain and only pain in my case, I've decided to let things grow and dust with cornstarch in the interim. Thus ends my brief flirtation with modern grooming.

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