Monday, August 4, 2008

Dental Work

What is it with dentists? You cited the case of the affair that broke up the dental practice, and I know of another dentist-centered fiasco. Years ago, a very successful rock musician was married to a gorgeous younger blonde. They lived in a mansion in New Jersey with their little sons. Their best friends were the dentist next door and his wife, and the kids played with the dentist’s kids every day. The blonde developed bad teeth and spent hours and hours in the dentist’s chair having her mouth made movie-star spectacular with laminates and, later it turned out, having work done on other parts of her body as well. Finally, the dentist and the blonde couldn’t take being apart any longer and broke the news to their spouses. The dentist’s wife made a house call to discuss matters, brought along her sewing shears and hacked massive chunks of the blonde’s hair off. The musician gathered up his wife and kids and moved immediately to Malibu to salvage his marriage. Though she loved living on the beach and driving to Rodeo Drive in her Mercedes convertible, the blonde pined away for the dentist. After divorcing the musician, she eventually dragged her kids back to New Jersey to set up housekeeping with the dentist. It lasted six months, after which the dentist couldn’t run back to his wife fast enough – and who knows why she took him back? The blonde returned to California so her ex could take care of the kids sometimes. Neither ever remarried and the kids are now in college.

I’m sure there are thousands of extra-marital trysts going on at any given moment involving members of any and all professions. Btw, the guy in the unjustly nauseatingly happy couple is a psychologist and we know all about them!

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