Monday, August 25, 2008

Reach for the RAID

Between, Pig—oops, I mean Peg, Madame X and your so-called friend, the relationship trasher, we’ve uncovered a viper’s nest of poisonous women out for blood, and in X’s case, out for money, too.
In X’s most recent divorce, a savvy female Boston lawyer represented X’s hubby, the shoe guy. X used the same male attorney she always uses. He must be on a permanent retainer, and why not? Her marital trail is an annuity for him. X confided to her spinning class instructor(who later spread the word) that she doesn’t trust women and could never hire one as her lawyer and that all her closest friends are guys.
Shoe guy’s savvy (and, parenthetically, quite attractive) lawyer deposed X during the proceedings, leading X to melt down and shriek out in the deposition room, “You hate me don’t you? Just because I’m pretty.”
One would think this might have harmed her case. That and the fact that she’s a serial divorcee and home- wrecker. Perhaps she learned her trade from her daddy, who until he went bankrupt and snuck away from his store, rent unpaid, in the middle of the night, was known as “The Mattress Man.”
But X left her rather short-term marriage to shoe guy in sole possession of her $2M dream house with a walk in closet the size of most master bedrooms. One custom feature: special teeny tiny shoe racks to accommodate her collection of over 300 pairs of shoes size 4.5. A second feature: midget bathroom sink and vanity mirror which gives normal people, even short normal people, a look at their belly button.
A couple of weeks ago, when X was deposed in her boyfriend’s messy divorce where she plays a central role, the wife’s attorney caught X in a tangled lie. At the end of the questioning, the attorney asked X if she’d like to review her testimony and change anything.
Her reply as she declined the offer to de-perjure herself: “Honey, I’ve been around this block before”.
One naturally would like these kind of people to rot in hell as you said, but usually they just keep on steam rolling through other people’s lives wreaking havoc. The only justice I can envision is if X were to dump the bf over money and find another guy who is rich and 7’4” and he accidentally steps on her, squashing her to death like a cockroach. Couldn’t happen to a nicer insect!

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