Wednesday, August 13, 2008

True Love vs. Green Card

The other day I had my annual lunch with one of my oldest – rather, longtime-- and certainly my dearest friend at Café Gitane, the grand dame of cute Nolita hipster hangouts. If you sit outside, it’s arguably the best place in New York to view fashionistas in the act of shopping. Inside, the view is one gorgeous human being after another--kind of the exact opposite of the subway.
Our waitress, who had a Northern European accent-- Danish or Swedish--is probably the most beautiful girl in New York. We were amazed that she was working as a waitress and not on the cover of Vogue. We got to talking and she told us she’s 24 and divorced. She came to the US with her husband, a wannabe actor, he fell in love and ditched her for an older woman (35) with kids.
We were incredulous until she mentioned that now he’ll be eligible for citizenship. She may be the one working in a restaurant, but I guess he knows where his bread is buttered.

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