Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chinese Wives and Adultery

Going back to the Chinese perspective on adultery… Check out the You Tube posting of Hu Ziwei, wife of famous Chinese sports caster Zhang Bin, publicly exposing her husband for two-timing her. Two hours after she learned of his “improper relationship” Mrs. Hu grabbed the microphone from him while he was on-air launching China’s Olympics Network, and outed him for having an affair with another woman. She makes it pretty darn clear that not all Chinese wives meekly accept that it’s fine for their husbands to carry on affairs.

Which brings up the subject of publicly airing your dirty laundry. Lately, the actress Tricia Walsh Smith has been using You Tube to publicly embarrass her husband who is divorcing her. I’m put off by her crazy vindictiveness and lack of any sense of privacy- she’s got absolutely no style .

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