Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why do some women hate Hillary?

From Sue:

The other day a friend mentioned that lots of women loathe Hillary because she stayed with Bill after the Lewinsky/blue-dress affair. Should you stick with a spouse who cheated?

I say you can't judge others on this -- especially if there are kids involved, and if your h grovels for forgiveness. When I discovered my husband's affair, I campaigned to save our marriage. I asked that we go into marital counseling (he refused), I demanded that he end the affair (he agreed, then continued to cheat), and I tried to please by looking sexier, acting romantic, and giving him tons of (undeserved) support. I waited vainly for the famous "fizzle." Finally I gave him the boot. To my surprise, my teenaged kids -- whom I'd been trying to protect -- were greatly relieved.

Had he given her up and we'd stayed together, would I be able to forgive him? I'll never know for sure, but I doubt it!

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