Friday, May 30, 2008

A Man's Take on Too Much Too Soon

Sue, here is Paul's response:

Dear Sue,
I feel that your date is a very needy guy. He wants his wine before the grape is even harvested. I disagree with your daughter that the guy is a freak and a loser, but he may be an asshole. There’s something about you that he finds nurturing, or that reminds him of his mother. Otherwise he wouldn’t feel so at ease trying to hold your hand or kissing you on the first date. I agree that you should be apprehensive about his tendencies, especially because he seems to be a McCain supporter. But it’s only the first date, and if you find him interesting and intelligent, and you can set your boundaries, then it may be worth a second and third date. I don’t think that most men behave this way, even if they would like to. You may need to guide him along and show him that it disturbs you when he makes advances. If he responds, great, if not, dump him.

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