Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sue: Linda is right. We had a pleasant time, and it was fun to get out and meet someone new. He is a nice, intelligent guy, though he didn't reveal anything that exonerated his relationship history. Other than his six-year marriage, his longest relationship lasted five years, when he was in his twenties. The reason he finally got married at age 45 was that his wife was pregnant. He also badmouthed her -- bad form.
On the other hand, he made some interesting points: that most men are superficial and judge women on their looks, and that women are deeper and, in his opinion, more admirable. I think he'd make a better friend/"activity partner" than potential bf, but I haven't yet met a man who is interested in assuming that role. I think that between any man and woman, it's more natural to develop a friendship first and see where it goes, rather than look for romance right away.

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