Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Robin Williams: divorcing "with love"

From Sue:
Robin Williams is divorcing his second wife. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure she was the nanny when he was married to wife #1. (What goes around comes around?) He says they are divorcing "with love" and that it will be totally civil for the sake of their kids. That's a far cry from the people who are ranting on YouTube about their soon-to-be exes-- with absolutely no regard for how the public airing affects their children.

But is it possible to bid au revoir with amour? Usually the legal process is so horrific that it only heightens the anger and resentment. I think three conditions are necessary for a loving split: 1) the separation is mutual and not due to infidelity, 2) there is PLENTY of money to go around, and 3) the moneyed spouse doesn't mind parting with it. These days, that's what we call true love.

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Mo said...

When people talk about a 'loving split', what they could mean is that they are parting but also wanting the best for each other. I don't think this so much has to do with whether the decision to split is mutual. And a 'loving split' - as separations or divorces tend to be - will most probably be very painful.